How it works


Everywhere insight

Wattcher Mobile lets you see your power anywhere and anytime: all details of past day, week, month and year. The data comes from the datalogger into your home.



In the weekly overview you see how well you do it this week. You enter for yourself a target at What's the target. If you save on a specific day you will see green areas, if you use more than you see red faces.


At the bottom of the weekly schedule is a timeline. Every week we send new saving tips for additional insights in What to learn. The timeline also shows the weekly overviews of the previous weeks, so you have a quick overview of the historical consumption.

Add to Home Screen


Windows                             Android                              Apple


Windows phone: go to and press the menu button, • • • , then click " keyboard shortcut on home page" or " Add shortcut to home".


Android phone: go to and press the menu button , then click " keyboard shortcut to start " or "add shortcut to home ".


iPhone and iPad: go to and press the Menu button , then click "add to home".

Login with an account

To log in you need an account. When purchasing the Wattcher you 've got this one Accesskey. Go to to create the desktop website account with this Accesskey.


We wish you a beautiful way to save energy!

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